Leelanau Montessori Community,


The seasons pass and the pandemic persists.  We remain together in learning and experiencing shared growth and showing up for the children.  I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to share in your lives, although from a distance.  Your weekly words, strength and stamina and even the stress is all welcomed.  Leelanau Montessori will continue to offer weekly work and activities for learning at home as we cycle towards winter.  New and next level methods and measures will help kindle the fires of learning.  There will continue to be twice monthly cover letters outlining the activities, easily digested by parents and children. Recorded lessons will be a new feature that offer another avenue into engagement and will be designed for both the child and the adults who support. These can be found within each page immediately under the content.  A format for weekly conferences/conversations will be used to help to record and respond related to each child’s meaningful work and ways that the school can support exploration and growth.  LMPSA faculty and staff continue to commit to using the Montessori principles of exploration ,order, orientation and communication using engaging tools and methods to promote a joy of learning and engage in life!  Wishing you all a splendid season and all the best for this unique time.



Arden Wilson

Head of School