Dear fellow Learners,

Well well, what a year! I am so proud for you and your family.  This is the final set of lessons though I know that you will continue to explore, extend and expand all summer long. I am using a menu format to provide you with an opportunity to offer choice to your child and see what they choose for themselves.  At this time of the year, the 3-6 child is able to make a choice from a variety of lessons proposed.  Each morning at school, the adult greets each child and starts with the question, “what would you like to start with today?”  The child is able to articulate this spontaneous action.  This is initiative and independence all intertwined into one and an important step in autonomy and leads to concentration. 

I look forward to hearing your reflections and learned lessons from your year during our upcoming video conference.  I wish you all a wonderful summer and am so grateful to have had time during our weekly rendezvous to connect.  You are loved! We cannot wait to see you in person in the fall:) 


EXTRA: A Summer Bucket List


Some housekeeping items are as follows:

May 24- FINAL LAH lessons posted on the website. 

May 26- Weekly conferences. Our zoom room link was shared in an email invite to your address.

June 2- optional parent-teacher conference for summer support

Every Friday- a summary of your week’s work is due to


Have a great week! 


Arden Wilson