Welcome to week 2 and 3 for Learning at Home. We hope that you all are feeling more comfortable with the different online tools and resources. Thank you all for sharing with us this past week! The past week has been about learning how to navigate email, the Google Classroom and Calendar. We enjoyed beginning to get to know you. In the next couple of weeks we will give you more concrete activities to do and projects to work on which align with all areas of content. 


For week two, all Apple and Birch children will participate in LAH on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and for in-seat children, we get to join in person on Monday and Tuesday.  Hurray!  Be sure to bring your “Brown Paper Bag” with you on Monday, September 14th. Those of you who are LAH this semester will be sharing with us during our Community Chat on Wednesday. We will be engaging in community building activities, outdoor enrichment, art, NWEA fall testing, and school photos. 


These next two weeks Megan and I will post a “Morning Message” only on Fridays with an activity to respond to on Google Classroom.  Please also upload at least one of the following activities below that you are most proud of or enjoyed the most to the stream page. We will have Community Chats on Wednesdays at 9:30am (Apple Environment) and 10:00am (Birch Environment) until we are in person 100%.


Throughout the next 2 weeks we will be acknowledging Constitution Day on September 17th and the Autumnal Equinox on Tuesday, September 22nd. We have several activities and information centered around these 2 important festivities. 


We look forward to connecting with you all this coming week!


Megan, Rebekah, and Deb

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