We are in our fourth week of learning at home. Over the last couple of weeks

we celebrated the Fall Equinox and Constitution Day. We reviewed positions of

lines and types of angles, and oriented to Khan Academy. Everyone should

now have their composition books and folder prepared and labeled. If you

have questions about how your work folder is should be set up or how your work

journal should be used, please view the LAH slide presentation:



If you have further questions, please reach out. We will be referring to and using

all of these during your weekly conferences.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be covering the First Great Lesson,

reviewing the Earth’s spheres, reviewing the parts of a plant and their needs,

continuing sentence analysis, and solid geometric shapes and area


Each week it is important that you share at least 1 example of your work on

Google Classroom. This should be an example of work that is important to you.

You may be proud of it, it might show growth or improvement or you can show

something you struggled with that we can talk about together.

As a reminder there are opportunities for On-Going, Follow Up, and Big Work.

On-Going work is something that you practice at your own pace to get better

at. Follow ups is work that you practice after a lesson, and Big Work is a project

that you are working on as an extension to your learning. This is usually an

independent study where you will find yourself going to the library for more

information, writing a report, making something and sharing something. Your

day should include each of these types of work.

Here’s to two more weeks together!

Bethany Sparling


Content suspended since Upper Elementary is 100% in person at the moment.