Welcome to week 2 and 3 for Learning at Home. I am hoping that everyone is

feeling a little more oriented to the LAH format following last week’s orientation.

It was fun getting to know everyone a little bit, or at least who’d you be as a

superhero, who’d you meet if you could time travel, one unique fact, and how

you’d spend $25,000,000!

For week two, all Hickory children will participate in LAH on Monday, Tuesday,

and Wednesday and for in-seat children, we get to join in person on Thursday

and Friday! Yay! Be sure to bring your “My Web Map” with you on Thursday! We

will be engaging in community building activities, outdoor enrichment, art,

NWEA fall testing, and school photos.

In the next two weeks Chelsea and I will greet you on Monday mornings only

with an activity to respond to on Google Classroom. Please also upload at least

one of the following activities below that you are most proud of or enjoyed the

most to the stream page. We will have class meetings on Wednesdays at 11:00

am until we are at Montessori 100% . This week please bring your “My Web Map”

with you to the class meeting. In the upcoming weeks we will also be

acknowledging Constitution Day on September 17th and the Autumnal Equinox

on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Please record on loose leaf paper or the provided materials. Unfinished work

can be kept in the left side of your three pronged folder, finished work can be

placed in the right pocket. While you are learning at home, the weekly learning

ideas could be kept in the center. (If your supplies are at school perhaps you

can find a folder to use while you are home.)

As a reminder, Montessori provides opportunities for On-Going, Follow Up, and

Big Work. This week I have provided ideas for On-Going work and we will

continue to discuss these in more detail as the year progresses.

Here’s to two more weeks together!

Bethany Sparling and Chelsea Hummon

Suggested Daily Schedule
Practical Life
Culture & Science
Movement, Music & Enrichment
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